Live HEVC_H265 4K-UHD/HD/SD Transcoder Solution

T603E series

Live sports
Live HEVC encoder
Live HEVC encoder
Live HEVC encoder
Live HEVC encoder
HEVC Group
Video Processing Equipment
Stand-alone or co-working with T603D decoder and T603P playback
4K-UHD/HD/SD un-compressed encode into HEVC
MPEG2, AVC/H264 transcode into HEVC
NDI,contribution to distribution
High Frame Rate (HFR) support
Meet SMPTE 2022 FEC transmission
Web management
Customization high density IP or ASI interface 3U blade server


Live Encoder
Distribution Links, Live Broadcasting
IPTV or CATV headend or Satellite TV DTH
Pay TV operator, Telco, ISP, IP-STB integrator
OTT Video-over-CDN
Hospitality distribution
Real-time video processing
Data center, media cloud service
Point-to-Point video delivery
Existing MPEG2, H264 base transcoder upgrade
Virtual Reality


Reduce the 50% bandwidth at the similar quality,compare with legacy AVC/H264 encoding
Increase the A/V quality
Single/Multiple Channels per-1u rack, space, power saving
Easy to use
Cost-effective solution save the total operation

Product Solution Features

Hardware main8/10 encoder
Flexible models, support IP/ASI/SDI/HDMI/DVI/Analog input source interface
Live-in and Live -out, single/multiple channels, multi-streams output
Low delay, DVB 280ms or IP 120ms
Audio AC-3/EAC-3 multi-channels pass through
Real-time MPEG2-TS UDP/RTP streaming-out or HLS/MPEG-DASH/RTSP/RTMP
Optimize between quality and speed
CBR, VBR and constant quantizer encoding rate control scheme
Support low resolution bit-rate
Combine Capture/Decode/Encode/Streaming in one equipment
Centralized control over multiple encoding servers
N+M Redundant/SNMP Management
24x7 365 days non-stop headend operation
Industrial grade, long-term supply
1U or 3U rack

Performance Table (click below model to find the technical spec)






H264, MPEG2, H265 decode support

Different resolution, multiple streams output

Resolution scale down, frame rate converter

Multi AAC, MPEG audio channels decode, encode

NTSC/PAL H265 encode

720p H265 encode

1080p30 H265 encode

1080p60 H265 encode


2160p30 H265 encode



2160p60 H265 encode




High density multiple channels H265 encode


2x 1080p30

4x 1080p30

2x 2160p30