Solution Frequently Asked Questions

 Live Transcoder:

Do you have the solution for the HDMI input source, HDCP encryption?

A:>> Yes, we do have the speical HDMI model which remove the HDCP during the capture then encode it 

We have more than 4 channels input source do you have the solution?

A:>> Yes, we can provide multiple H264/AVC 4 HD channels or 8 SD channels  

Our input source has different kind of interface do you have the solution?

A:>> Yes, we can support SDI/IP/ASI/HDMI/Composite CVBS different input source
Just order the correct model for the requirement

Can it support the adobe flash media server (FMS)?

A:>> NO, we don’t support the flash container, you may try to use the video mixing with FMS

Does it have the de-interlace processing?

A:>> Yes, there are some pre-processing filter including the de-interlace 

Can we use this product for the CDN, OTT application?

A:>> Yes, it is for such application, also can have the Adaptive Bit Rate

if this machine/hardware is capable of mounting a server rack ? How many U is it ?

A:>> It's a 1u rack-mount

Is it h.264 capable?" and how fast is it transcoding, compare with i7?

A:>> We have T602E, for H264 hardware encoding which fast than 8 sets of i7 software encoding

T603 supports ASI-output?

A:>> YES, ASI is the optional

We have about 100 HDMI HD & SD channels need to have HEVC format, how many T603E units need ?

A:>> Each T603E can handle 4 HD channels, you would need (100/4)=25 units.

Is T603E including the license of Wowza streaming server?

A:>> NO, external you need the streaming server and software license.

 Video mixing:

What kind of the function for the video mixing?

A:>> it does live streaming/recording/display at the same time

Does it support the skype stream?

A:>> Yes, it would need extra hardware resource with HDMI/USB capture & audio mixer   

Why some of User Interface (icon) is missing?

A:>> The minimum LCD display resolution requires 1280*800  

 Post Production:

Do you have the multiple channels Ingest solution?

A:>> We support both single and multiple channels Ingest
you can have multiple port SDI capture card

Your Ingest solution can have the VTR deck control support?

A:>> Yes, connect the workstation 9 pin RS422 cable between VTR   

How to solve if the in/out format NOT in the support listing?

A:>> You can do file transcoding after tape been ingest as a file 

In our daily operation, we are NOT just capture the tape into file,
but also write file back into tape.
Is your solution can hanele bi-direction ways?

A:>> Yes, we call print into tape. it writes file back to VTR tape.

 Media Storage:

What kind of disk drive do you use in your system? What is the storage size?

A:>>We use the Enterprise hard-disk storage in all of products line
Each disk size can be either 2TB/3TB/4TB

Do you have the share storage for video editing solution?

A:>> Yes, both SAN and NAS solution is for the multi-users video editing

Do you have the DAS solution? Does it have HA?

A:>> Yes, typically, it is optional used for the archive application has two raid controller 

What’s the difference between SAN and NAS in the application?

A:>> it’s on the disk-IO throughput .
SAN is for the 4K/2K streams, base on the FC                   
NAS is for the 2K streams, base on the 10GbE/1GbE Ethernet

Do we need the add-on card in the editing workstation?

A:>> Yes, you would need either HBA or 10 GbE card to connect SAN/NAS storage