Digital Cinema Package Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the benefit of DCP (Digital Cinema Package)?

A:>> there are two reasons: First, compatibility by 2015 - Due to the emergence of D-Cinema, 35mm film has nearly vanished in the last few years. Many theaters do not have any 35mm equipment at all! Virtually all new theaters are digital only.
The second reason is cost. The process of converting your digital files into a film
print is typically $40,000 or more.
With such large cost savings, it is easy to see why all the major film studios have moved towards digital distribution.
Another benefit is that DCPs don't wear out like 35mm. Digital copies do not degrade, so you'll never have a broken, scratched or dirty DCP. The 1000th screening will look just as perfect as the first.

What kind of input media format support?

A:>> we support either tape or Quick time/DPX/PNG/un-compress file base format

Can we evaluate the sample result? How to process it?

A:>> Yes, please provide your content @ 24 frames rate

Can we have the encryption?

A:>> Yes, we provide the KDM service, you also can do un-encryption during the trailer and have the encryption later

Do you have the QC service?

A:>> after playback, we do the QC make sure everything (picture/sound/metadata) is correct before deliver it

What kind of content shall be provided to start the process?

A:>> when confirm the business, we will provide the guide-line about the source content for you to follow it

Do you have have the playback solution? Software or hardware decoder?

A:>> Yes, our playback solution supports real-time 4K JPEG2000 @24 frames We use 12/16 cores dual CPU for decoding

How long will it take to finish?

A:>> if the source content review is right, it would take 3~5 working days