General Frequently Asked Questions

Is any reason we need to choose your company’s service?

A:>> there are many reasons:
First, we provide the solution for your requirement, we have the equipment/engineering team resource can do the task.
The second reason is timing. We deliver the solution meet your schedule
Third, most important you pay the reasonable price and save a lot of cost   

What’s the benefit of your service for us?

A:>> You save the time/equipment/engineering team resources.  
We provide the solution for you

What’s the difference for your service and product solution? Which one shall we choose?

A:>> we are flexible, if your company have the engineering resource and without the equipment
in such case we can provide the product solution (equipment)
Say your company doesn’t have enough resource or time limited
then you can outsource to us, we provide the service by using our skill engineers.
It depends on your company  

Can we evaluate your service before we start our project? How to process it?

A:>> Yes, it’s the free of the evaluation also for us to know your task
You can provide the small file and tell us your in/output format then we will generate the output for you

Do you have the file trans-coding service? What’s the format for the inputs and outputs can be supported?

A:>> Yes, we provide the file to file trans-coding service see the format listing  

How much is the cost for your service?

A:>> it depends on your service file of length or quantity.
For example: SD tape to mp4 file transfer service $25 USD/per-tape , plus extra storage or FTP service charge                  
And can have the discount for multiple reels or long-term business

Can we have the different configuration of your product solution for our own requirement?
For example different build-in channels, different AP software, different storage size?

A:>> Yes, it means NOT standard product.
You need special customization just tell us the configuration and we make it for you
 For example, NLE editing we provide Adobe Premiere or Edius or Avid Composer or Sony Vegas
  you can choose which your prefer software

Do you accept the project service?

A:>> Yes, before we accept it, we will review your project say how much resource/efforts/workflow need to be put-in .   .
And give you a quote we had IPTV/CATV project in recently years for the Broadcasting station 

How do you deliver the output result?

A:>> it can be through the hard-disk/USB storage/blue-ray disc or use the cloud/ftp transfer
we can ship the product through DHL account to your location/country  

Will you return the original tape source to us? Do you keep our original content in your store?

A:>> Yes, we return it with deliver the output result
Your content will be removed automatically within 90 days at our system

How do you guarantee the output result quality? 

A:>> We use the QC software automatic check the file output

What’s the payment term for your service?

A:>> We accept the T/T bank transfer or VISA/Master/JCB card

What’s the lead-time for your product solution?

A:>> Usually, we have the sample in our stock, if NOT it takes 3~4 weeks . For mass quantity order, will take 4~6 weeks after confirmed

What’s the warranty for your equipment solution?

A:>> The warranty is one (1) year

Do you have the customer's example for our reference?

A:>> You can see our case study